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Serving Minneapolis / Saint Paul

Inclusive and accessible care with a licensed midwife:

        prenatal care, home (water!) birth, postpartum & newborn care, and well reproductive care.

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Courageous Human!

​I'm Becca

Licensed Traditional Midwife

offering human-centered care in the Twin Cities, Minnesota

I'm here for you, to give you the care you deserve. I believe my job as a midwife is to provide inclusive, accessible, high-quality childbirth and well reproductive care, based in experience and evidence. I collaborate with you in your care, trusting your knowledge of your body and your needs.

Why give birth with a midwife?


Midwifery centers on you: your experience, your self-knowledge, your self-determination


Midwives provide evidence-based care shown to improve health and reduce disparities


Midwives honor your emotional experience and its connection to physiology

Services include (but are not limited to!)

Free pregnancy testing and non-judgmental pregnancy options counseling

Complete prenatal, postpartum, and newborn care, including planned home birth


Water birth is an option!

Personalized infant feeding and lactation support to meet your chest / breastfeeding goals

Well reproductive care for all, including STI testing and pap tests, physical exam, sexual health counseling

Request More Information

Courage Midwifery - Becca Andreassen, CPM, LTM  |  612-643-0693

Home Office located in North Minneapolis

¡​Sí, esta partera habla español!

Thank you for your message. I look forward to meeting you!

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